CMS student charged after message sent to fellow student showed gun, threat

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A Druid Hills Academy parent is upset her daughter got suspended from school for disruptive behavior. The 7th grader, Chance Grier,  says her classmate and neighbor sent her a threatening message with him holding a gun and stating "Ima blow yo head off."

The mother, Sarah Grier, was disturbed when she saw the message - and she wants change.

"I want to see us come together, give us a positive resolution for this young man - he needs some attention. A positive resolution for my daughter," Sarah Grier said. "I want her to feel safe going back to school tomorrow."

The mother says when her daughter was threatened and the picture was sent in that her daughter said nothing to her.

"I want to see kids understand that if you see something you need to say something," she said.

School administration says if Chance would have said something things may have turned out differently.

"I got scared," Chance Grier said. "But then I thought about it - I don't know why I didn't tell my mom."

If she would have told her mother, the threat would have been reported immediately and the situation would have been dealt with quickly.

The argument happened when 14-year-old Maquaye Joseph, the person holding the gun in the photo, approached Chance in the school cafeteria. Chance says she argued with him and it got louder. School administration then came over and that's when she got suspended for two days for disorderly conduct. Joseph also got suspended. Chance believes her suspension wasn't fair.

"I am a good student," she said. "I try to make A's and B's, and I am more focused in reading."

Her suspension made her miss a Black History Quiz Bowl at Johnson C. Smith University that she has prepared weeks for.

"You work so hard, you get so excited, and then Saturday comes and you can't participate," Chance said.

Community group Team True Blue heard about the suspension. They are concerned that the administration suspending Chance.

"You should stand behind her," Team True Blue Executive Director Charles Robinson said. "When something happens, I know everybody wants to kick all our kids out of school, not this one."

Chance wants the district to remove the suspension from her record.

"I am in all these programs," Chance said. "This might put all the programs I am in in jeopardy."

Joseph admits to holding the gun in the picture but says somebody else sent Chance the picture and message about blowing someone's head off. Joseph says he has learned a lesson.

"I wouldn't [have taken] the picture," Joseph said.

He also has something to say to Chance.

"I am sorry," Joseph said.

We asked how easy it was to get a gun in the city and where he got it.

"From, like, a friend," he said. "He just handed it to me."

The gun threat happened the day after the deadly Florida school shooting. That event had Chance and her mother nervous about what could happen.

"Guns in the hands of students should not happen at all," Grier said.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department did complete a juvenile arrest on Joseph and charged him with communicating threats. He was released to his guardian.

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