Steph Curry offers a few new thoughts on potential Carolina Panthers ownership

Steph Curry offers a few new thoughts on potential Carolina Panthers ownership

CHARLOTTE, NC (Katherine Peralta/The Charlotte Observer) - Over a month after his favorite NFL team officially went up for sale, Steph Curry is still interested in owning part of the Carolina Panthers.

While answering media questions Saturday in Los Angeles before Sunday's NBA All-Star Game, the Golden State Warrior star hinted that he's involved in some kind of deal. But he was much quieter on the topic than he's been in the past.

He wouldn't say where the process stands, for instance, nor with whom he is working.

"It's ongoing. I'll just leave it at that for now. It's ongoing," Curry said.

Curry, a lifelong Panthers fan, first voiced interest in buying the team in December, just hours after owner Jerry Richardson announced his intent to sell the team after the end of the season. Richardson's unexpected announcement to sell followed an explosive Sports Illustrated report that outlined allegations of sexual and racial misconduct by Richardson toward former Panthers employees. The NFL's investigation of the allegations is ongoing.

Rapper Sean "Diddy" Combs was one of the first celebrity names to emerge with interest in Panthers ownership. "There are no majority African American NFL owners. Let's make history," tweeted Combs, whose estimated net worth is $820 million. Curry chimed in minutes later via Twitter, with "I'm in!"

Curry, who signed a $201 million deal with the Warriors in June, has repeatedly said that he's serious about buying the Panthers. "Obviously I have a day job, but I've got people that are plugged in and are trying to see how to make that happen," Curry said in January. Curry also told TMZ Sports in January that it "is a real thing, so hopefully it happens sooner than later."

It's possible that if Curry is involved in a potential ownership team that he has already signed a confidentiality agreement.

Experts say the first step in the bidding process is typically to put together a "teaser," or a short document that outlines select details about the team, including finances. Bankers involved in the deal send this out to potential buyers, and those who are interested will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement. After that, the bank would likely provide a more detailed PowerPoint deck or "pitch book."

Curry, who grew up in Charlotte and played at Davidson, remains an avid Panthers fan. He beat the team's iconic "Keep Pounding" drum during its undefeated season in 2015, then did so again before kickoff of Super Bowl 50, when the Panthers fell to the Denver Broncos.