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Parents say children accessing inappropriate images through school issued ipads

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Parents in Rowan County say their children were exposed to violence and some nudity on their school-issued ipads.

WBTV took their concerns directly to the Rowan-Salisbury Schools administration who said that the devices are heavily filtered, using several layers of security protection, so as not to expose kids to things they shouldn't see. 

But sometimes they can't block it all. 

Recently some parents at a local elementary school told WBTV that their child had been able to access violent music videos and that some children had accessed pornographic images by going around the built in filters.

Administrators say this has to be a team effort with the schools and the parents working together to solve the problem.

 "We have to teach our children how to make the right decisions when they're online and what to be afraid of and what to embrace," said Candace Salmon-Hosey, Chief Technology Director for Rowan-Salisbury Schools. "But that only works if we do it together."

The school system says if parents see something inappropriate on their child's computer, let them know so they can block it right away.  

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