Parents in Gaston County say they want more done to prevent bullying in schools

GASTON COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - Parents in Gaston County say bullying has gotten way out of hand within the school district.

One parent says he feels like he is out of options now that his daughter has been expelled. He says she was defending herself after bullies attacked her.

The school district says it has a zero tolerance for bullying and parents are now asking that the district do more to protect their kids.

"I am upset with the school system, the principal, the assistant principal, whoever was over the whole situation," said Michael Faris, parent who says daughter has been bullied.

Faris says he is angry because his 16-year-old daughter who goes to North Gaston High School is a victim of bullying, part of which was filmed on Snapchat.

In the video, two girls attack Faris' daughter who has on black pants and a pink hoodie.

"It's been a chain of things that's accumulated and to now she got jumped outside of school"

Faris says he tried his best to prevent that same thing from happening.

He says for a year, he and his wife have been in communication with school officials through email at North Gaston High hoping for a solution, but they say the bullying never stopped for their child.

Now their daughter has been suspended for 10 days because the district has no tolerance for fighting.

"It's real heartbreaking because there's only so much you can do," Faris says.

Anna Kucera who has 3 kids of her own within the district says she is horrified by the Snapchat video.

"It's disturbing, very disturbing," says Kucera.

She says over last few weeks, more than 50 different parents just like Michael Faris, have expressed their concerns about bullying inside the Gaston County Schools. That in itself inspired her to take action.

"I couldn't know this and not do something about it," says Kucera.

Kucera has created an idea called the light guard task force, a smartphone tool that will allow students to report specific accounts of bullying that they see or experience to designated adults.

"They're used to the quick instantaneous nature of text message, Snapchat and Instagram, so I think we need to meet them where they live," says Kucera.

Michael Faris says he's on board, because as of now he believes not much is being done to protect his kid and others.

"When you're afraid to drop your kid off at school because legally they have to go to school, you wonder if they're protected," Faris says.

Anna Kucera will present her ideas to the Gaston County School Board on Monday Feb. 19.

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