High expectations for 'Black Panther' movie

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Moviegoers are not wasting time to see the highly anticipated film, "Black Panther," which opened in time for the holiday weekend. People lined up for tickets to see the first matinee showing at Ayrsley Grand Cinema.

"I'm curious. I'm not even a Marvel, like comic, person. I want to see it. How often do you get to see it?" said Marcia Jones of Charlotte. "All-black cast. All this... it's just time. I think we need a win. It's just a win.

Jones added, "There's a lot going on right now and I think it's just a player in the game."

"It looks really awesome," said Allison Collins of Charlotte. "Everything about it. The actors that are in it are amazing. The fact that it is a black superhero is amazing. The costumes are fantastic I'm just really excited about the whole movie."

Tommy Nichols, the founder of Charlotte Black Film Festival, says the "Black Panther" movie is expected to accomplish two things.

"As a film content producer with the Charlotte Black Film Festival, we're always looking to raise the standard, raise the bar for filmmakers of color to say this is where we need to be to compete on an international level," Nichols said. "I think just the creativity. I think the technology that's being used. The animation parts. Some of the standards in term of quality of film content producing."

Nichols continued, "We want content producers of color to understand not just think locally in your neighborhood when it comes to producing content standards but look internationally and I think this film has the kind of content with people of color that can go across the world and that's the kind of bar that we want to raise for independent filmmakers of color."

Nichols also expects the movie to impact the roles in which African American actors and actresses are cast.

"So many times Hollywood has celebrated the wrong type of images," he said. "They celebrated us as maids. They celebrated us as bad cops and then the sound bites they use to celebrate us is 'it's hard out here for a pimp,' right. This movie changes the imagery of who we are."

"I think it opens the door and shows that black actors and directors can take on a challenge of $100M films, also exceed box office expectations so I think it's going to create a new era in diversity" said film curator Felix Curtis.

Curtis also expects great things from the "Black Panther" movie.

"I believe so because the cast is fantastic. You have the younger actors and actresses of color who are really doing some very exciting things," he said. "I anticipate it being very very well produced, directed and acted."

Curtis says he suspects that millennials will  help drive the box office numbers.

"They  grew up on comics and action figures and that sort of thing so I think this is just a continuation of all of that. That's why all the hype."

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