Cell phone videos and photos capture FL school shooting through eyes of witnesses

(WBTV) - The mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is one of the first times cell phones are giving America a different vantage point of one of these tragic events.

Images of student evacuations, tearful loved ones, and the rush of SWAT teams during the country's deadly mass shootings have sadly become all too common.

But Wednesday, there were gunshots heard, images of students taking cover, scenes from inside the chaos, seen by millions. Cell phone footage is taking the nation inside this school, to see the event through the eyes of those who witnessed it firsthand.

Scared students inside posted videos to social media, ducked behind desks and chairs, and as law enforcement officers came in to clear them out of the building. One photo posted shows bullet-holes in a laptop on a classroom desk.

One student live-tweeted while hiding from the shooter, allowing millions of people to follow along with his fear. One tweet read, "My school is being shot up and I am locked inside. I'm [redacted] scared right now."

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