CMPD to focus on cyber issues in wake of Florida incident

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Every day the closing bell at East Meck High brings a stream of young faces right through the exits.

Same age, same grades and the same demographics of the students who lost their lives one day earlier in Florida.

Issac Naylor attends East Mecklenburg High School.

Increased peer pressure faced by 21st century teens brings a new element. We're talking about the element of social media.

"Initially, I was shocked. Almost surprised because this happens a lot,"Naylor said.

When it comes to online threats, Charlotte's top cop Kerr Putney is stressing to the public the adage "if you see something, say something."

"What we're trying to do is really tap into the social media realm,"Putney said. "When you see something on social media that you know is outside the norm, that you know could lead to violence, you let us know.

Kevin Opela is an East Meck parent and he strongly approves of more supervision of posts made by teens even if it means offering a second and third set of eyes by law enforcement agencies.

"As adults we have to be connected and aware of what our kids are posting," Opela said.

Elizabeth Martinez is an East Meck Student who welcomes the supervision.

"They're doing it to make sure that we're safe. That's fine with me," Martinez said.

Traditionally, school resource officers and metal detectors are methods used to keep campuses secure, but Chief Putney is suggesting that safety can be found in ways not seen.

Putney suggests, "Take a screen shot, get it to an adult and get it to us so that we can be more proactive. We want to prevent something like this from happening not just react to it."

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