Man found guilty of possession of gun by felon sentenced to six years

Man found guilty of possession of gun by felon sentenced to six years

CATAWBA COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - A man with felon status was found guilty of possession of a gun and sentenced to six years in prison.

Officials say Timothy Carl Maynor, 51, of Conover, was given an active prison sentence of at least six years after being found guilty of possession of a firearm by felon and habitual felon status by a Catawba County jury on Wednesday.

Police responded to a mobile home park in reference to a report of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle in March 2015. Information was given that Maynor had returned the vehicle and was at the residence. He had outstanding warrants for his arrest.

When contact was made with Maynor, several boxes of ammunition were seen in the living room of the home.

When he was taken into custody, a search revealed an empty gun magazine in his back pocket, and a black handgun was seen in plain view in Maynor's bedroom when an officer was assisting another occupant of the residence. The empty magazine belonged to the handgun.

The Superior Court Judge from Mecklenburg County, imposed a prison term of six to eight years after the jury returned its verdict to end a two-day trial.

Maynor's sentence will be served in custody of the North Carolina Division of Adult Corrections.

Maynor's sentence length was enhanced by a prior felony conviction for breaking or entering in Burke County (April 1988), and two felony larceny convictions in Catawba County (Dec. 1990 and July 1995).

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