SENIOR SOCCER: Retirement home residents compete against college men

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - The fans were packed into the dining room of Salisbury's Oak Park Retirement Community Tuesday afternoon, for the match of the season. The anticipation was palpable.

Tables and chairs were cleared out to make way for an indoor soccer field.

The field would claim both a victor and the defeated, and the 80+ year old residents of Oak Park hoped they wouldn't be the latter.

"They better stay out of the way, because we're gonna run them down," said team coach Les Van Kuren. He then corrected his pre-game trash talk to indicate perhaps running down the young men of the Catawba College soccer team, wouldn't be so easy. "We're gonna walk them down. We'll walk them down," Van Kuren added.

Every year the residents take on another team in some sort of athletic competition as a way to promote fitness.

This year, it was wisdom versus youth, in a very entertaining soccer match.

So who won? Check out the video and enjoy the game.

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