Third armed robbery in two weeks in Conover

CONOVER, NC (WBTV) - Police in Conover are working to find out who is responsible in a string of armed robberies over the past two weeks. So far, they've not been able to connect the three.

Suspect descriptions are different. There is concern, however, that a group may be working together, though it could indeed be just three separate individuals.

In any case, police are asking the public to be vigilant. The latest robbery was at the Skill Games shop on Conover Boulevard. A man with a gun came in demanding money, got it, and fled on foot.

Some people inside ran after him and saw him go into a wooded area. The crook dropped some of the money as he fled.

That robbery follows a similar crime at the Circle K convenience store and the Dollar General two weeks ago.

Investigators are asking the public to be on the lookout for anything or anyone suspicious and to make a mental note of descriptions and pass it on to police as soon as possible.

Major Robert Houston says it is very unusual to have so many armed robberies, "For any city, much less the town of Conover."

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