WBTV Speak Out Editorial: Sexual Harassment and Misconduct

"Speak Out" is an expression of opinion from the Editorial Board of WBTV, and is presented by General Manager, Scott Dempsey.

Sexual misconduct, harassment and criminal sexual abuse are dominating the headlines lately.  Admissions of guilt have knocked popular celebrities like Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose, Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein out of the spotlight – while the repulsive behavior of Larry Nassar of USA Gymnastics has earned him a lifetime behind bars.

And this is not limited to the rich or famous.

It is a tragedy that happens in all walks of life and we're witnessing a moment in history that is bringing it out of the shadows.

If you are watching this right now and you're enduring abuse, know that you are not alone and there are resources out there for you if you come forward to tell the truth.

And the truth is important when accusations are this serious.  Kathleen Park of the Washington Post cautions that the public shaming of being accused can mean ruin. She insists that we "respect the process and rules of law before we become a land of high-tech lynch mobs."

The #MeToo movement has empowered many victims to come forward and threatens to disrupt a status quo that has allowed powerful people to prey upon others for far too long.  Our guess is that we have only scratched the surface and the headlines will not go away any time soon.

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