Lincoln Co. deputy fired after 'drunk and disruptive' arrest in SC

LINCOLN COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - A deputy with the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office was fired after he was arrested in South Carolina.

Now, former-deputy 36-year-old Alexander Sherwood, of Monroe, was charged with being drunk and disruptive in Columbia, SC. Sheriff David Carpenter said his former deputy was also accused of making derogatory comments toward other law enforcement officers.

Carpenter says he was called by officers in SC. His understanding is that Sherwood was out late Thursday evening at a business function with his significant other. He was reportedly drunk and disruptive, making a scene, and making derogatory remarks towards the officers that tried to handle him.

According to a incident report from the Columbia Police Department, Sherwood allegedly got into a fight at the Hilton Hotel. Sherwood then reportedly fled the scene before officers arrived, the police report states. Police found Sherwood a few minutes later and he allegedly had a strong odor of alcohol and was also "unsteady," officers say.

Sherwood was terminated immediately from the sheriff's office in Lincoln County.

Sherwood had only been with the sheriff's office for about eight months, but Carpenter said he was a veteran law enforcement officer who came to the department with a good track record and recommendations.

Carpenter said he hates what has happened.

"I hate that. I hate that somebody would, especially in the profession we're in and knowing the situations we deal with every day, would not carry on like that," Sheriff Carpenter said. "Evidently that was not the case here."

The Sheriff said that no further investigation was needed when he heard about the incident from SC law enforcement. He said there is zero tolerance for that kind of behavior.

He is expected to appear in court on March 31.

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