More railroad crossing closures in Charlotte, more trouble for drivers

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Some drivers in the Sharon Amity area are frustrated because they were surprised to see the road closed at the railroad tracks between Monroe and Randolph Roads.

One woman's SUV ended up stuck on the tracks after she tried to go around the barrier.

The driver said she was trying to get to a doctor's appointment when she saw the barrier. But, she says she saw another car turn left so she followed, thinking it was a narrow road.

It was not.

CSX says crews are doing maintenance on the tracks and the crossings. The company says workers travel along the tracks replacing cross ties and repaving crossings.

Despite posted detour signs, driver after driver continued along on Sharon Amity only to have to turn around.

Many were trying to get to the shops in Cotswold.

"This neighborhood is completely isolated,"Edward Echeverria said. "I don't know who the genius is that decided to close all the streets at same time but I'm very angry."

A long time resident of the area, Echeverria says other neighborhood streets are also closed at the railroad crossing.

He says traffic is backed up because drivers can't make left turns.

"I think whoever approved that is crazy," he said. "It took me 30 minutes to get from my house to this intersection which is only a ½ mile. 30 minutes."

A spokesperson for CSX said "Typically, the work at each crossing can be completed within three to five days, barring any unexpected delays. CSX's goal is to get through all of these crossings within the next couple weeks, and we appreciate the public's patience while we complete this important work."

The company says these roads in the Greater Charlotte area will also be impacted by closures are railroad crossings.

Grade crossings expected to close:

  • McAlway Road
  • Richland Drive
  • Sharon Amity Road
  • Thermal Road
  • McAlpine Station Drive
  • North Ames Street
  • Trade Street
  • Crestdale Road
  • Tank Town Road
  • Campus Ridge Road
  • Stallings Road
  • Indian Trail Road
  • Wesley-Chapel Stouts Road
  • Hayes Road
  • Old Charlotte Highway
  • Dickerson Boulevard

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