Hey parents! Do you know what Rinsta and Finsta is on social media? Your teen does.

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Parents: Are you keeping up with what your teenager is doing on social media?

Young people are now following this new trend of having two different Instagram accounts, which is called "Rinsta" and "Finsta." The "r" in "Rinsta" refers to it being a person's "real" Instagram account and the "f" in "Finsta" refers to it being a person's "fake" Instagram account.

"I actually do have one myself," 15-year-old Madison Eschert said. "The Rinsta one is where you kind of get dressed up and you take your cute little pictures and you post like a fake version of yourself. And then the Finsta is where you post ugly pictures of yourself, no makeup, like no filter."

We met Madison and talked to other young people about Rinsta and Finsta at the Girl Talk Foundation's weekend session with young girls and their families in Charlotte.

"Yeah there's a lot of girls that are photoshopped, you know a lot of makeup on, dressy clothes on," 13-year-old Tatiana Goode said. "Yeah it has a lot of impact of the clothes I choose to wear."

"As a parent, I feel like social media is a nightmare anyway for parents to have to keep up with. It's like another job," Kisa Jackson, who is a parent, said.

The founder of Girl Talk Foundation, Janine Davis, says her organization is there to debunk the myth about what's real and not real. They aim to show each girl that she is valued more than just a "like" on social media.

"You are enough, you do matter, you don't have to go all of these extra places to make yourself feel good. You're just enough," Davis said about the message they try to instill on the girls.

"Yes, actually Girl Talk has definitely helped out with that," says Eschert. "I've become more confident in myself and realize I don't have to dress up to impress people."

"As a parent, it's helped me to become more aware about just learning about social/emotional learning," says Jackson.

Davis says open communication with children about their social media activity is something parents should actively be doing at home while building their child's confidence.

"We're just hoping that we're equipping the girls with skills that they need and tools that they need," Davis said. "So when these opportunities come by that aren't so positive or popular they can look at it and say, 'I don't really need this' or 'I know better about me that I don't need to turn to a Finstagram or a Rinstagram. That I'm enough just as I am.'"

Rinsta accounts, where a person would post their most attractive pictures, are usually made public for anyone to see. Finsta accounts are usually private, where access is to a limited circle of friends.

Some young professionals have Rinsta and Finsta accounts to keep potentially incriminating images from future employers or schools.

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