Crime Stoppers: Frustrated robber fires inside Bojangles'

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Shots were fired inside a Charlotte fast-food restaurant and police believe it happened because the staff wasn't fast enough for a frustrated crook.

It was 8:16 p.m. on a Monday night when surveillance showed a man with a drawn handgun enter the Bojangles on East Independence Boulevard to find the place seemingly deserted.

"The employees inside see him come in with a gun and they actually run out of the business," said CMPD Detective Brandon Miller.

Because those employees saw the armed man first, there was no one at the counter to open the cash drawer.  They either ran out, or, huddled in the kitchen, opening a door to sound an alarm.

"He goes behind the register and looks at the cash register.  I guess he tries to figure out how to open it himself and realizes he can't then goes back to the back kitchen area."

In the back room, he demands someone come open the front register. But they don't budge.

"I guess the staff aren't moving fast enough, so he fires at least two shots into the kitchen area.  We believe that's when he started firing the shots because things weren't going his way, and he already thought he'd spent too much time in there."

In essence, the gun shots were rooted in frustration.

"We don't think he was necessarily aiming at anyone, I think he was using the weapon, more or less, as a scare tactic."

He wound up without stealing any cash.

"One of the witnesses outside walking in as he was running out says he got into a small vehicle with boxy style taillights."

Police say he had a mask, a gray hoodie and red boxers sticking out of his pants.

The shell casings from the shots he fired were recovered and are being analyzed.

Call Crime Stoppers if you know anything that can help police get him off the street at 704-334-1600.  You won't have to leave your name and you won't be called into court.

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