Judge refuses to remove electronic monitor from Kevin Olsen, former QB for UNCC

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A judge in Mecklenburg County has denied a motion to modify Kevin Olsen's bond conditions and remove the electronic monitor.

Olsen, the former quarterback for UNC Charlotte, was arrested last February and charged with sexually assaulting his ex girlfriend.

His attorney said Olsen has been abiding by the rules while out on bond with an electronic monitor.

"No late for curfew, no being outside of the out of bounds zone, not a single violation" Attorney George Laughrun said.

Laughrun told the judge that Olsen has been working as a landscaper and is four credits short of completing his college degree online.

The defense says Olsen lives at home with his parents in the Cornelius area and has no desire to contact the alleged victim.

Laughrun said Olsen has "no prior convictions, no prior conduct like this alleged in the past" and "evidence that we've been provided that says in the past with other girlfriends violence have happened – none of that."

Laughrun asked the judge to remove the electronic monitor.

"Kevin has had absolutely no contact with her – either by email, text message, Instagram, whatever the social media is – no contact at all," Laughrun said. "So the electronic monitoring I'd argue is of no benefit now for anybody."

Prosecutor Kristen Northrup disagreed.

"Your Honor, we believe it would be highly inappropriate to remove the only condition truly that Mr Olsen has in place as the victim fears for her safety in the circumstance" Northrup said.

The prosecutor said Olsen has a history of mental health and substance abuse issues, and that the woman is still enrolled at UNCC. Northrup said the incident left the woman scared.

Northrup said "the state is aware of at least one prior domestic violence relationship that the defendant was engaged in that is in his history. The victim reached out after seeing the news of this story to the victim in our case after this took place."

Olsen is Carolina Panthers' tight end Greg Olsen's younger brother.

"The court is well aware – Mr Olsen probably has more resources than anyone in this entire courthouse - should he choose to flee," Northrup said. "Of course he has been an upstanding citizen and while he has been on the monitor it did come to my attention while abiding by his curfew he was at a bar for a recent panthers game."

As soon as both sides presented their arguments, the judge ruled immediately and denied the motion.

Olsen has to continue wearing the electronic monitor.

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