Well-known Charlotte restaurant closing after nearly 50 years

Well-known Charlotte restaurant closing after nearly 50 years

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A Charlotte woman is counting down the days until the doors of a family-owned decades-old business close.

"I have three sons and one daughter and all grow up in here. I had eight grandchildren. They all work in here and grow up in here," Alice Drosinis said.

The Philadelphia Deli Restaurant on South Kings Drive is getting ready to close Friday.

Jim Skanorelli is among the grieving customers. "I've eaten here in the restaurant like 48 years," he said."I just hate that this is the end."

Friday is the end of the line for Alice and the family business.

Forced out by developers, and a very expensive legal battle, going out of business means the end of a run that's lasted nearly 50 years.

It's a Charlotte landmark that takes pride in a signature sandwich. "We've got the best Philly steak in town," Drosinis told WBTV.

Jim Leathers is among those who worry about the staying power of locally owned old school mom and pop eateries.

He said, "When a place like this closes. Charlotte loses some of its character. There won't be another place like this."

Alex Spangenburg has been coming here for the last three years. The so-called home and family business for Alice and her children was started by Alice's late husband Paul.

After the doors shut at the end of the week, don't expect her to sit still.

"Now I've got eight great-grandchildren. I'm gonna enjoy playing with them," she said.

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