Huntersville neighborhood on high alert after rabid ridden coyote attacks car

HUNTERSVILLE, NC (WBTV) - A concern for people in Huntersville has been confirmed. A coyote that was captured on camera growling at two people did test positive for rabies.

A couple spotted the coyote Saturday night. While shining their car lights on the animal, it growled at them and attacked their car. CMPD Animal Care and Control officers were able to catch the coyote and euthanize it.

In a video that shows the irate coyote, you can tell the animal doesn't seem to be scared of cars or people at all. Those are key signs of rabies, according to wildlife professionals.

Wildlife professional say to be mindful of leaving your pets outside when there's a chance coyotes could be lurking around.

If you do ever come across a stray animal - do not take matters into your own hands. Call animal control immediately to let the trained professionals take care of the situation.

Residents who live close to where the coyote was originally spotted say they're concerned for their children who play outside, as well as their pets.

Rabies is a disease that's 100 percent fatal in humans if not treated immediately, according to animal control. It's recommended that you don't throw things like meat into your outside trash can to help keep stray animals away from your home.

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