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Concord Police find skimmer attached to ATM at State Employees Credit Union

(Source: Concord Police) (Source: Concord Police)

Concord Police say someone placed an electronic skimmer on an ATM at the State Employees Credit Union.

According to police, at approximately 8:30 am on Saturday, the device was located on the ATM located at 60 Raiford Drive in Concord.

These devices are used in an attempt to capture financial card information from ATM transactions.

The investigation revealed that this device was installed on the ATM on February 1 at approximately 5:46 pm. Police say the picture is the suspect that is believed to have installed the device on the ATM. 

The investigation also showed that the suspect applied some type of waxy substance to the ATM camera lens in an attempt to blur his image.

Before using an ATM, if customers suspect that an ATM has been tampered with, they should not use it and should contact someone at the business to have the ATM examined.

Anyone that used the State Employees Credit Union ATM at 60 Raiford Drive between the dates and times listed above should check their bank account for any unknown transactions and speak with a representative at the bank.

If it is determined that you have been the victim of fraud, or if anyone knows the identification of the suspect pictured in the story, please contact the Concord Police Department at 704-920-5000. 

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