Car goes over yards, through fence, into house in north Charlotte, neighbors say it's not the first time

Car goes over yards, through fence, into house in north Charlotte, neighbors say it's not the first time
(Shaun Donithan/WBTV
(Shaun Donithan/WBTV

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The City of Charlotte Department of Transportation confirmed on Wednesday that they will have a safety committee review a stretch of road in northwest Charlotte.

One person was seriously injured after a car crashed through a fence and into a house in northwest Charlotte Saturday night.

The person was treated for serious injuries and transported to Carolinas Medical Center. Police say the driver was intoxicated.

According to Medic, the incident happened near Hudson Graham Lane and Swearngan Road.

Witnesses say the car went airborne over other yards before crashing through the fence and into the house.

"I was in the house, watching cartoons with my son and I heard a boom and saw lights flying over my yard like it was a movie or something," neighbor Terrance Patterson said.

"He flew over my backyard and into the neighbor's, The car was 15 feet in the air, cleared all the gates. It was crazy. I ain't never seen a car fly in the air like that," Patterson described the incident.

Neighbors say this is not the first time something like this happened in the area.

"Heard the boom again. This is like tCDOT to reviewhe third time this has happened," neighbor Daniel Alcala said."It is a straight away. They think it is a speedway, or a racetrack."

Neighbors say the problem is that drivers go too fast down Chesapeake Drive and can't make the turn in time onto Auten Road.

"They punch it and see how fast they can go and then they get up here and can't stop in time," said Acala.

In 2017, a similar accident happened in the same area. Police say that driver was also intoxicated.

Several years ago, another car went flying into the yard of David Mcdonald.

"I came home and saw the fence was torn down. My shed was exploded like a bomb went off," McDonald.

The incident has left some neighbors puzzled and fearful for safety at night.

"I am scared to have my son play in the back yard. A car might run through it again," Patterson said.

"I do not know what to think. I don't know what he was doing or what he was thinking," Alcala added.

CDOT says they have already placed two large red reflectors at the intersection, however, neighbors want more.

"I think a flashing red light might help," said McDonald.

CDOT says there have been 5 crashes at that intersection in the past 5 years. Of those 5 crashes, only two of them ended with damage to homes.

However, the department said they will look back farther than 5 years to make a determination is something needs to be changed.

"My parents' bedroom is right there and their bed. I am scared they are going to come through in the middle of the night and hit and kill them," said Alcala.

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