Betty Feezor's original set discovered in Charlotte home, restored by realtor

CONCORD, NC (WBTV) - She was an icon of local television for more than two decades. Around lunchtime, back in the day of Betty Feezor, everything stopped while thousands of viewers glued themselves to their television sets to see the latest embroidery pattern or cake recipe.

Feezor was a fixture in Charlotte until her death in 1978.

"Whenever we were home sick, the world stopped at 1 o'clock when Betty came on TV," Concord realtor Leigh Brown said.

Brown, now 43 years old, was a child when The Betty Feezor Show was in its heyday, but her memories are still fond.

Recently, Brown was helping the children of a former WBTV employee, Jay Torrence. After Torrence passed, his children asked for help in selling the home.

"When they were getting rid of Betty's studio, Jay took it home along with a lot of other WBTV paraphernalia," Brown said.

While walking through the home, Brown spotted the set. It was a no-brainer.

"It was an opportunity I just could not pass up," Brown said.

The family sold Brown the set, which she set up in her downtown Concord office. The cabinets and the vintage Philco range are the same ones that graced the Feezor set for several years before being replaced with more modern décor.

It's now on display for all to see. Brown is planning an open house to invite the community to enjoy the legacy of the icon who won't ever be forgotten.

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