Students help raise money for special needs playground

GASTON COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - Webb Street School in Gastonia has playground equipment, but it's old and not every student can use it.

The school serves students with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Some students are in wheelchairs and can't fully enjoy the equipment.

School principal Kelli Howe says it's sad to watch some of the kids just look on as their classmates play.

"They see everybody running and playing and sliding and possibly swinging, and that's something they can't do," Howe said.

For almost three years, the school has been trying to raise money to tear down the old equipment and replace it with inclusive, accessible equipment all the students can enjoy.

The cost is steep though, and the school is still about $70,000 shy of their goal.

But they're $3,600 closer to that goal thanks to students at Stanley Middle School who heard about Webb Street's plight and decided to raise money to help.

"I just wanted to give to them because we're getting a brand new school and I wanted for them to have something that they can play on," student Caroline Mesimer said.

Together the students raised coins, dollars, and checks to reach the donation. One student, Brylie Chaney, even donated $350 of her birthday money.

The donation might not have topped the goal for the school's new equipment, but it sure did shine a light on some decent young kids.

"It gives me hope that the generation of kids that we're bringing up now are very socially conscious and aware of needs in their community," Howe said.

If you'd like to help by donating to Webb Street School's new playground, click here for more information.

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