School districts on assignment against the flu

School districts on assignment against the flu

FORT MILL, SC (WBTV) - Local School Districts are fighting back against the flu. Most districts say there is no report of widespread flu cases in their schools, but with flu season still happening they are still on assignment.

Fort Mill school district officials say they have sent out information to parents, warning them about how to prevent spreading the flu. The school district gave parents three things they need to know: get the flu shot, stay away from sick kids and take medication if it is prescribed.

"Prevention is a big portion of this," Fort Mill School District Chief Communications Officer Joe Burke said. "Obviously the best way to keep our kids safe is to help cut down on the instances of kids getting sick."

Burke also says custodial workers will be doing their part to help prevent kids from getting sick. Workers will be at the school from 7 in the morning to 11 and night cleaning and disinfecting the classrooms.

"Paying extra attention to the common areas, and make sure things are clean regularly to help cut down on the spread, that may be why we have not seen an uptick in our district."

Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District is also passing out information to parents about the flu. The district is reminding parents it's not too late for kids to get the flu shot and also telling parents if their kids are sick - they should not return to school until they have gone 24 hours being symptom free.

Despite what school districts are doing, parents are still worried.

"It's been scary for us," Fort Mill School Parent Jennifer Vincent said. "We have been lucky to avoid it."

Vincent says her children haven't gotten sick, but she knows at least one student in their class who did catch the flu. The mother says she has a plan in place when her kids go out to places where there are other young people present.

"I was kind of concerned about that, because there were lot of kids there," Vincent said. "So we made sure we had the like extra hand sanitizer and washing hands all the time, just trying to prevent the kids from getting the flu."

Other parents just keep their kids out of sight for a little while until the flu season is over.

"Keeping them in a lot," Fort Mill School Parent Kim Bumgardner said. "I vaccinated both of the kids a couple of months ago. I am so concerned because everybody is getting the flu."

New numbers show more people are dying as a result of the flu.  In North Carolina 20 new deaths were reported and in South Carolina there were 38 more reported deaths.

It is estimated that 55 million students and seven million staff go to more than 130,000 public or private schools in America. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention says if every student and staff get a flu shot - that can make a difference.

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