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VIRAL VIDEO: 'Talk about a bad hair day.' SC woman's hair dryer shoots flames, smoke

(Credit: Screen shot of video) (Credit: Screen shot of video)
South Carolina (WBTV) -

Amazon has pulled a hair styling product from their website after a South Carolina woman's hair dryer reportedly blew fire, according to WSPA

WSPA reported that Erika Shoolbred, who is from Spartanburg, posted a video on Facebook of flames and smoke shooting out of her hair dyer on Monday. Shoolbred told WSPA that that the product was billed on Amazon as a "Salon Grade Hair Dryer."

She told WSPA that she received the product from Amazon on Saturday and used the hair dryer for the first time Monday. Shoolbred claims the motor on the hair dryer started to slow down a few minutes after she started using it. 

The woman claims Amazon refunded her the money and took the blow dryer off its website after she submitted a product safety form online. The woman said she has yet to hear Amazon or Oracorp, who is the product's manufacturer. 

This is what Shoolbred reportedly emailed WSPA:

“I purchased what was billed as a Salon Grade Hair Dryer from OraCorp on I received it Saturday and used it for the first time Monday morning. This is what happened Monday morning. Only a few seconds into drying my hair, I suddenly heard the dryer motor slow down so I pulled it away from my head and turned it off. I waited a couple seconds and turned it on again. No warning, it then just ignited in fire and began to shoot flames. The on/off mechanism at this point did not work and only made the dryer act like a blowtorch. I had to pull the plug from the wall to shut it off. Even unplugged it continued to flame so I submerged it in water. It smoked and filled my bathroom with a horrible smell.

Amazon refunded me and took the product down, and completed a product safety form, which was submitted. I, too, reached out to OraCorp but have yet to have received a response. I am waiting to hear back from Amazon on their correspondence with OraCorp.”

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