The State of Charlotte Center City addressed plans for exponential growth

The State of Charlotte Center City addressed plans for exponential growth

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Charlotte Center City revealed the latest economic development data for the city at the 2018 State of the Center City (SoCC).

The report released Tuesday will assist in the recruitment and retaining of businesses and investors. The report reveals the growth and expansion within the city since 2010, the first SoCC. Officials say the city is "strong" and "growing" with a hike in business development and new residents as a result of intentional investments such as expanded access to transit, upgrades to IT infrastructure and investments in office and residential development.

The state of our Center City is strong and growing. Today Uptown is home to 50% of the region's Class A office space and Charlotte ranks 7th in the nation for central business district office construction," said Michael Smith, President & CEO of Charlotte Center City Partners and host of the event. "The growth we see all around our Center City did not happen by chance, it is the result of four decades of long-term planning and deliberate investment in our central business district. Today, the additive effects of this enduring commitment are producing strong returns across all sectors of development.

During the SoCC Tuesday, officials highlighted a variety of economic advances and opportunities. In 2017, according to a report, the city of Charlotte added $1.37M square feet of office space, 1,847 apartments and 713 hotel rooms. The city added 25 new restaurants and nine craft breweries and bottle shops with a 38 percent increase in shops from 2010.

Charlotte Center City currently ranks seventh in the nation for downtown office construction. The city has seen an 84 percent increase in population growth from residents ages 20-34. Charlotte also seen more than 131 acres of "green" space added including parks, urban trails and greenways for active recreation.

Mayor Vi Lyles shared her vision for the future at the event.

The work you do is critical to bringing jobs to our city. The city is a committed partner in the work of economic development," Lyles said. "Center City is our region's employment center. New office coming on line in 2018 – another 2 million square feet is under construction. Our developers are going to fill that space, our architects are going to design that space and you will all work to make that space amazing.

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