Rare albino raccoon spotted in Cleveland County barn

Rare albino raccoon spotted in Cleveland County barn

CLEVELAND COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - A Cleveland County woman got quite the surprise when she spotted something white and furry in her barn - an albino raccoon.

While albinism does occur in many different animals, it's certainly rare. What's even rarer is for an albino raccoon - which are nocturnal animals - making it to adulthood.

According to an official with the South Carolina Department of Natural resources, a young albino raccoon would have had a hard time hiding from natural predators like owls and coyotes, especially at night. Once they reach adulthood, however, few predators are willing to take them on.

There's a good chance the ghostly critter was raised somewhere near the barn it was spotted in, maybe even inside the building.

An article from Wide Open Spaces says you're more likely to get hit by lightning than ever seeing an albino raccoon.

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