Winter weather is back in the high country

BLOWING ROCK, NC (WBTV) - Bright sunshine just could not warm things up in the North Carolina mountains on Tuesday. Overnight a cold front came through bringing snow, d ropping temperatures and a lot of wind. What may have seemed like an early spring the past two weeks turned quickly into the dead of winter once again.

"I am ready for summer," said Greg Taylor as he quickly walked to his car in Blowing Rock.

The wind was whipping the snow and with the temperature in the low 20's, he said he he doesn't want to know what might be next.

"I have not looked at the forecast, have been afraid to," he said.

Forecasters expect cold weather to stick around for a few days. It means good news for the ski resorts and mixed news for schools. Watauga Schools closed for the 11th snow day this school year.

The system plans for 15 but officials said they were hopeful that level would not be crossed but will deal with it if it happens.

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