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He found a ring in a parking lot. Now he's searching for a couple married 60 years ago


Somewhere out there, there’s a ring finger that must feel very empty right now. Judging from the inscription inside this wedding band, the ring has been worn for over sixty years.

A friend called me Monday night and asked if I could help him.

“I found a wedding band in the parking lot near Dick’s Sporting Goods at South Park. Can you help me find its owner?”

I’ve made phone calls to Dick’s and South Park Mall security, neither had reports of a lost wedding band. But someone has got to be missing this ring.

This I will tell you, it’s not a huge ring, it’s smooth and white gold. My guess is it’s a man’s ring, but I can’t be certain.

There is an inscription inside, the date this ring was placed on a beloved’s finger.

I don’t want to give that identifier away, but if you know someone who is missing a treasured ring, maybe it’s a family heirloom, write to me here: moboyle@wbtv.com or on Facebook.

Please pass this on. Wouldn’t it be nice to find the owner together?

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