AARP Tax Aide Program Fast Facts

AARP Tax Aide Program Fast Facts

AARP Tax Aide Program Fast Facts

What: AARP Tax Preparation


  • Preference for ages 60 +
  • Low to moderate incomes of all ages
  • AARP Membership not necessary

When: February 5th- April 15th  Monday & Tuesday Mornings

Where: Fellowship Hall


The AARP Foundation Tax-Aide program provides free tax assistance and preparation for low- and moderate-income filers, particularly to those age 60 and up.. Started by a few AARP volunteers in 1968, the program has since grown to more than 35,000 trained volunteers in more than 5,000 locations nationwide. Last year, 2.6 million taxpayers used the service for their federal and state income tax returns.


There's no fee and no sales pitch for other services. AARP membership is not required. Most federal and state returns are e-filed the same day. If a paper return is required, AARP provides necessary vouchers and pre-addressed envelopes.

The following statistics describe the clients served in 2017:

  • Household served (both Federal & State returns) – approx. 800.
  • Median Income of all clients served - $22,049.
  • Tax filer over 65 years of age - 38%
  • Ethnic Background – More than 85% African American
  • Refunds – $800,185 federal, $83,434 state, including child tax credit and earned income credit.
Taxpayers are asked to bring the following records to their appointment: 
  • photo identification REQUIRED
  • Social Security card (and cards for any dependents) REQUIRED
  • a copy of last year’s return
  • all tax-related forms received, such as W-2s from each employer, 1099Rs for pension or annuities, Social Security 1099, or other 1099 for interest or dividends
  • unemployment compensation statements
  • gambling winnings
  • state income tax refund statement
  • documentation relating to any tax adjustments or credits you they be entitled to such as tuition statements, child and dependent care expenses, real estate taxes, car tax, mortgage interest, charitable donations, home energy efficiency item purchases, and year-end statements from investment accounts

To make an appointment call (704)750-2947