Molly's Kids: Hickory's Greyson Stephens rings the bell!

Molly's Kids: Hickory's Greyson Stephens rings the bell!
Courtesy of family
Courtesy of family

HICKORY, NC (WBTV) - After 34 weeks of treatment, 68 chemotherapy infusions, 32 oncology clinic visits, 35 pediatric office visits, 4 surgeries, 6 emergency room visits, 6 neutropenic fevers and/or infections, 254 IV infusions, 121 overnight stays in the hospital, 11 nights in the PICU (including a trach, sedation and time on a ventilator), 294 pokes for port accesses, 28 tests/scans and 6 blood transfusions… Greyson Stephens rang the bell Friday to say GOODBYE to chemo.

That deserves to be said again.

…He said GOODBYE to chemo!

"We love our medical team so much," mom Bekah said, from their home in Hickory. "As much as we hate cancer, we know we were perfectly placed in their care. We still have a long road ahead for Greyson, but are blessed to be where we are today."

Sometimes a picture speaks a thousand words. In this case, it speaks a long checklist. One great picture showcasing the last almost 18 months.

"We're looking forward to the beginning of being a 'normal' family again," said Greyson's dad Kyle. "Though, 'normal' is a weird word to even use anymore. Bekah and I both feel that our outlook on life will forever be changed due to this illness that has plagued Greyson for two years."

Greyson first became one of our #MollysKids last March when diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma. He has an identical twin brother, Hunter, and older sister named Harper.

"This has been the longest year of our lives and the toughest journey we have ever been through," Kyle said. "The bell sounded beautiful."


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