City Council member wants answers regarding Housing Authority info breach

City Council member wants answers regarding Housing Authority info breach

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Charlotte Housing Authority (CHA) staffers were told early last week and city council members were alerted days later about the breach that compromised personal information of CHA employees.

Council member Gregg Phipps said the notification was "slow to find out."

"I was sort of surprised because it looked like we got it in an email that was a week after the breach," Phipps said.

He's among those hoping for an update from city staffers, but there are questions regarding disclosure from the CHA.

They released a letter sent to staffers describing what happened as a spoofing attack, stating that a fraudulent e-mail asked for private employee W-2 information like social security numbers.

Last year, Norman Standifer's West Charlotte tax business handled 1,500 clients. He's seen what happened when info was being hacked and hijacked.

"Sometimes the IRS will let you know that your identity has been stolen," Standifer said. "When people file their taxes, their social security number has already been used."

In the case of council member Phipps, it goes beyond email.

Fresh in his mind is the recent data breach with Mecklenburg County that compromised nearly 50 servers. Phipps is hoping council members will get an update from the city staff after follow=up discussions with the CHA.

"So I'm interested in looking forward to whatever explanation council gets a result of those discussions," he said.

The CHA has not said how many employees were affected, but in their statement they said local and federal authorities have been notified.

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