Kings Mountain fire sparks complaints of landlord from other tenants

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KINGS MOUNTAIN, NC (WBTV) - Mike Brown owns Hounds Campground in Kings Mountain, in addition to renting properties.

He says he is not sure exactly how many homes he rents in the city, but says it is "probably" more than 100.

One of those homes caught fire Wednesday, and the tenant is claiming it is because of bad electrical work. She is concerned it could happen to another one of his homes.

"I haven't heard of any issues from any tenant of mine as of today," Brown says. "Any time a tenant calls, I do have my maintenance guy come out and check."

Several former tenants wrote and called into WBTV, claiming, that is not always true.

"I wish I would've never moved in it," Angela Mathis says. "Because he wouldn't ever come fix anything."

Mathis has since moved out, but says unfixed issues in her unit ranged from a leaky roof to dirty carpets, and rats.

"I was in the kitchen getting ready to cook, and the rats starting coming out through the plug outlet," she says.

While Mathis claims she was up-to-date on all payments, she was evicted.

"The ones that are complaining and giving me the devil, are tenants I have had that were evicted for non-payment," Brown says.

After the fire claimed one of Brown's properties Wednesday, those calls from tenants came in about heating issues and the lack of smoke detectors in his units.

Jennifer Buchanan is another former tenant.

"Our smoke detectors, there were none," she tells us. "When we moved in, nothing."

"None of our smoke detectors worked," Mathis says. "They weren't even hooked up."

Brown continues to claim that is not the case.

"These people are calling in and putting me down because I put them out for not paying me," he says.

Brown also claims the family whose house burned down Wednesday was behind on rent.

Friday, he gave numbers to call for positive references from current tenants.

One we spoke with lived in her unit for one month, another for four. Both say they have not had any issues, and that they did have working smoke detectors.

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