Super Bowl drives down TV prices

Super Bowl drives down TV prices

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The big game is coming up and you might be considering a big TV to watch it on! Don't wait.

According to Consumer Reports, next to Black Friday, this is the best time of the year to buy a television. So what's the best deal and what TV should you get?

A study by Consumer Reports showed that the Super Bowl drives down television prices by more than 22 percent on average, even more during the two weeks before the game. For example a 65-inch, LG Super UHD 4K HDR TV sold for almost $4000 when it first came on the market.  Now, you can get if for $1699.  That's less than half price!

Roddey Player of Queen City Audio Video Appliances in Charlotte says many TVs initially sold for twice as much as they are being sold for now. "Even some of the TVs we've got today, they were introduced at twice the price that they're selling for today," Player said. "Black Friday prices have kinda held through till now for the Super Bowl.  I think everybody anticipates it, inventories are up, so everybody's got to get that inventory sold through they systems or whatever, so that Super Bowl time frame is that last time period you have to rid of all that excess inventory you might have, because the new models come out kinda the March/April time frame, so everybody's trying to push them out, reduce prices, get 'em out fast, and that's where it kind of comes from.

Player says this is a great time to get a TV as big sets and 4K are the rage.

Does that mean you should get the biggest set you can find? It's really about your comfort level.

"Not only how big the room is...but far the seating is away from the television set.  You know the most popular sets are probably the 55-inch TVs," Player said. "So somewhere 55 to 60, that's a go in most places.  If you're going to go bigger than that then you really do need to have a bigger room."

And what about picture quality?

The new 4K technology, ultra-high definition TV, is as realistic as it gets even though most broadcasts still aren't in 4K yet.  "When you say 4K, it is four times better than the old 1080 P sets.  1080 P was a thousand, 4K is four thousand," he said. "So it's got four times the pixels in there to get that signal better.  But what the best TVs do is they actually upscale that 1080 P signal that we're getting from channel three and the other stations out there and makes it better."

Eventually, 4K will be the standard signal that's put out, but there's talk now of 8K and even 16K TVs down the road.

The 55 inch TV is the most popular size for televisions right now and you can get one for as little as $329 if you shop around.

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