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Hate speech found spray painted on south Charlotte church

Credit: Chris Ayers Credit: Chris Ayers
Credit: Chris Ayers Credit: Chris Ayers
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A pastor of local church in south Charlotte says someone reportedly spray painted "fags are pedophiles" on their front doors. 

The derogatory language was found painted on the front doors of the Wedgewood Church Wednesday. The church's sign which read, "LGBT" Equality," was also sprayed painted over.

The church is famous for it rainbow-colored doors. Ayers says the church "works for the equality of all people, including LGBT people."

This is not the first time the church has dealt with problems. Co-Pastor Chris Ayers says this is the second time the same message has been painted. 

In 2016, a shotgun shell and a message containing racial slurs were found on the church sign.  The church's leader sent WBTV a photograph of a shotgun shell in a bag along with a note that read, "How about the no-good gangster [racial slur] who murdered my friend's brother and wife. Should I respect them? Should I use my next shell on your sign or the gangsters? There names and pictures are all over the news." 

The note was signed, "Concerned Citizen."

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A week before that incident, Ayers said someone taped several white strips of paper over the word "black" on their sign. 

Wedgewood Church hired two Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officers for security after the shooting at The Pulse in Orlando, Ayers said.

In 2017, the same church reported that their rainbow flag had been stolen on multiple occasions.

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On Wednesday, Ayers says the church is currently flying a transgender flag. The co-pastor says the church is "multi-ethnic" and they don't "ask people their sexual orientation or gender identity"

Nearly half of the congregation at Wedgewood Church identifies as LGBT, Ayers said.

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