Dockless bike share companies providing new transportation options in Charlotte

Micah Smith | WBTV
Micah Smith | WBTV
Micah Smith | WBTV
Micah Smith | WBTV

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - By now, you may have spotted the different colored bicycles scattered all over Charlotte. Each colored bicycle belongs to a different bike share company.

Bike share companies allow users to rent a bicycle by using a GPS tracking system and company app.

Four of the companies that operate in the Charlotte area are dockless, which means when riders are finished using the bicycle, they can leave them anywhere as long as it does not obstruct walkways or roads.

The dockless bike companies are taking part in Charlotte's one year bike share pilot program.

Even though the city is only a few months into the program, city leaders have received some complaints about the dockless bicycle system.

"It's something new and just like anything new that emerges it goes through growing pains," Braxton Winston, who is a city council representative, said.

Some complaints include the number of bikes in one location or bicycles that have been knocked over or lying on sidewalks.

"It's not cool to have stacks and stacks and stacks of bikes," Stephanie Bush, who is a Spin employee, said.

Bush collects and puts out more bikes for her company each day. She says that the city has limited bike sharing companies to four bicycles per block.

"If we pull up to an area and there's a lot of other companies bikes, we'll just move on to another area," Bush said.

According to the city, dockless bikes may or may not be here to stay. Once the one year pilot program ends, city leaders said they will evaluate how well the companies are doing and may even consider just allowing one company to operate in the city.

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