Community gathers as vigil held for children killed in double homicide-suicide

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - One week after a mother killed her two young children and then killed herself, her family and friends gathered to remember those three lives lost.

Police said on Jan. 13, Christina Treadway assaulted and killed her two children, 3-year-old Iiliyah and 7-year-old Isiah Miller. She then jumped off a bridge onto Interstate 485 and killed herself.

A week later, the family still does not understand why it happened.

"I love my daughter, I love my grandchildren, and I will love them until the day I die," her father Allen Treadway said.

Her parents tearfully thanked the community for their support  as they try and understand why their daughter made such a decision.

"The daughter that we know and love, had she been her normal self, never, ever would have done what she did," Allen Treadway said.

Friends say she was a good mother and that her children adored her.

"Those children were amazing. I know for a fact that Tina loved them and they loved her," friend Annette Albright said.

The father of children said this past week he believes Christina was dealing with depression and Sunday night, the community put up green balloons in order to raise mental health awareness.

"There is nothing wrong with being mentally unhealthy. There is a problem with not getting treatment and not reaching out to the help that is out there," Albright said.

Under candlelight, dozens tried to comfort this grieving family and say they want to start a deeper conversation so others do not have to suffer in the same way.

"It has been something that you can't even put into words or can't even describe. To know something like this happened," Vigil organizer Ryn Marlowe said.

The autopsy results are still pending to determine exactly how the children were killed.

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