Scammers target residents with York County donation scam

Scammers target residents with York County donation scam

YORK COUNTY, SC (WBTV) - Scammers are soliciting donations to false fundraisers for officers injured in a York County shooting.

The York County Sheriff's Office has informed citizens that scammers are trying to take advantage of the situation.

The sheriff's office says the only avenues to donate to the fallen and injured officers is this GoFundMe account, set up to help the injured officers with their medical bills and recovery, Sheriff's Foundation of York County or donating money to South State Bank in York, SC.

The officers were shot early Tuesday morning by alleged suspect, 47-year-old Christian Thomas McCall.

Those officers are Detective Mike Doty, Sgt. Buddy Brown, Sgt. Randy Clinton, and Sgt. Kyle Cummings.

Detective Doty died from his injuries Wednesday, and was honored Thursday and Friday.

Sgt. Clinton and Sgt. Cummings have both been released from the hospital.

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