Memorial for fallen York County deputy continues to grow

(Ben Williamson | WBTV)
(Ben Williamson | WBTV)
Det. Mike Doty (Source: York County Sheriff's Office)
Det. Mike Doty (Source: York County Sheriff's Office)

YORK COUNTY, SC (WBTV) - A memorial that was set up outside the York County Sheriff's Office continues to grow as more people come by to pay their respects to fallen deputy Detective Mike Doty.

Det. Doty was shot and killed earlier in the week after a shootout with a wanted man. Three other law enforcement officials were injured in the shooting.

On Friday, dozens of people stopped by a memorial to drop off flowers, letters, or say a prayer.

"Some people think police officers don't have any feelings and that we are robots. That is just not true. We are a tight-knit community," said Trent Faris with the York County Sheriff's Office.

Many people that stopped by the memorial didn't know Det. Doty personally, but feel his loss.

"When I learned that he did pass away, I cried," said Jane Crook.

Crook lives right next to where the shootout took place Tuesday morning.

"I know they were out there protecting us and I have never been that close to it," she said.

Parents could be seen bringing their young children to the memorial and praying with Chaplains that were on hand.

"He just loved his life and he knew when to switch from being an officer to a regular person. He was just a great amazing guy," said Mary Marino who knew Det. Doty.

A family member of Sgt. Randy Clinton, who was injured in the shooting, was at the memorial all day Friday handing out blue ribbons and giving hugs to those who needed it.

"It feels good. It feels good knowing that people care about people. He was one of the best and he cared about people. He showed it by doing what he did," said Sheila Williams, the cousin of Deputy Clinton.

The Billy Graham Rapid Response team was there on Friday as well.

"It is a very tight-knit community and they are here for one another. Their hearts are breaking," said Barbara Grabowski, one of the Chaplains.

"People are asking us to pray for them and the families of these officers here," said Leo Grabowski, a Chaplain. "I want them to know that prayer does change things and prayer is needed. People need to be encouraged."

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