Officers urge limited road travel through 'at least Saturday'

Officers urge limited road travel through 'at least Saturday'

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - For the Charlotte area the last two days, although there are fewer cars on the road, there are way more crashes.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police officers report a 40 percent increase in crash calls in its jurisdiction, alone.

Though Thursday brought clear skies and sun rays, officers across surrounding areas warn – the roads are still nothing to ignore.

"Just because the speed limit says 60 miles an hour, doesn't mean okay well you can still run 60 miles an hour," Gastonia Sergeant Keith McCabe says.

McCabe blames speed for most of his city's 48 crashes Wednesday. Police in neighboring Mecklenburg County report 265 the same day.

Drivers are mostly going the speed limit, which McCabe says is still too fast, even after the snow has been cleared.

"People get complacent and subsequently get in a collision," he says.

Across local areas, black ice Thursday night is a major concern for side streets. Roads that were just a bit slushy during the day are expected to freeze again overnight, as temperatures dip.

First responders are concerned drivers will not have icy roads in mind anymore, two days after the snowfall.

"If you don't have to go out, don't go out," McCabe still urges, through at least Saturday.

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