Indian Trail man says identity thief ordered phones to his home and picked them up

INDIAN TRAIL, NC (WBTV) - An Indian Trail man is thankful his home surveillance cameras were able to record a bizarre scenario that took place outside of his own Perennial Lane home.

Jonathon Gohmann said he was at work Tuesday when he got multiple notifications from his home security cameras. The cameras are designed to record when there is motion near them.

Gohmann said he got an alert around 2 p.m. when a FedEx driver delivered a package to his front door. He said he and his wife hadn't been expecting anything, but didn't think much of it. Gohmann said that about an hour later someone in a hooded track suit showed up to the home and picked up the package.

He reviewed the camera footage later that evening and noted that something didn't look right.

"You see this person walk up nice and slow, pick up the package, stand there, poke the door like they're almost fake ringing the doorbell, and then walk away," said Gohmann.

Gohmann said he called FedEx to inquire about the delivery. After giving them his name and address, they confirmed a package was delivered for him from Verizon.

He said he then called over to Verizon and was able to confirm that someone had used his name and social security number to open up four phone lines in his name. He said he was told that the phones cost collectively more than $4000 and were billed to his name and delivered to his home.

"Someone on Jan. 12 with my social security number called in to Verizon, which I didn't know you could do-I thought you had to show your driver's license or proof of who you are before you could open a whole new account," explained Gohmann.

He said he immediately canceled the new phone lines and contacted law enforcement about the situation. A police report has been filed with the Union County Sheriff's Office regarding the incident.

"I've never heard of anyone stealing someone's personal information, placing an order, showing up at that person's house, hoping they're not there, picking up the package and leaving," said Gohmann.

Gohmann thinks his identity may have been stolen years ago when he left a W2 in his old work office. He thinks the document may have been swiped by someone.

"They type of person that goes and takes someone's identity, I think they're the lowest type of criminal," said Gohmann.

He posted the surveillance video from the incident in groups on Facebook.

"My hope with doing this and sharing the videos online is that somebody will see this person, somebody will recognize this person, somebody will do the right thing and turn this person in," said Gohmann.

A representative from the Union County Sheriff's Office said that this isn't a crime they hear about often. They said fraud detectives are looking into the case.

If you know anything about the case contact the Union County Sheriff's Office.

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