Icy roads claim salt truck

LINCOLN COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - A salt spreading, plow truck sent out to solve an issue of a slick road near Vale be came a victim itself to the icy mess.

The truck was on a steep section of Guy Heavner Road when it started sliding. Once the back wheels left the roadway there was nothing the driver could do.

The vehicle flipped on its side, spilling it's load of salt, and wedging it up against a hillside.

The driver was able to get out. He was checked at a local hospital and is said to be fine, said troopers.

The plow was owned by a private company that was under contract from the NC DOT to help clear roads. It took a couple of hours to pull the plow upright.

The road remains ice covered and drivers are urged to avoid that area. Troopers say what happened shows that even those experienced with driving in ice and snow can run into trouble.

Many secondary roads are still covered with ice and slush across the foothills. With overnight temperatures expected in the 20's, officials say some roads will remain dangerous until at least mid-day on Friday.

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