FIRST ALERT: Freezing temperatures create dangerous icy roads

  • First Alert Thursday Morning
  • Dangerous Icy Roads
  • Warming Trend Soon

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The snow is over, but the danger isn't.

A First Alert Day has been declared for Thursday morning due to the icy road conditions. Until we get above freezing - which may not be until after lunchtime in the Charlotte area - expect roads to be treacherous!

In the afternoon, we will be back above freezing and make a run up into the upper 30s. Sunshine will plentiful, so a good bit of melting will take place. Depending on how much the snow and ice melts, we could be looking at more black ice by Friday morning, as lows drop back in to the teens and low 20s.

After that, the warming begins. We'll be well into the 50s on Friday and Saturday, then jump into the lower 60s Sunday and Monday.

Be safe out there!

- Meteorologist Al Conklin

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