Volunteers offer help on ice-covered roads in Gaston County

GASTON COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - While many sought shelter during the evening hours Wednesday, one group of volunteers took it upon themselves to make sure no one needed roadside assistance on the ice-covered streets of Gaston County.

The group, Tri State 4X4 and Assistance, consists of several truck owners. They volunteer their time to patrol the roads during periods of inclement weather. They offer to tow other cars or give rides.

"We're just a group of people helping people," said Patrick Fowler, the leader of the group.

Fowler said the group gets messages from those in need of help on its Facebook page.

"People get stuck. We try to get them out if not we try to get them home so they can get warm, get safe," said Fowler.

He said that earlier in the day one of the volunteers helped remove a car from a snowy ditch. He said other volunteers had been making runs to drive nurses to work.

While the group does everything for free, they will accept donations.

"We all have regular jobs. We all drive these trucks. We're out in it so why not help people while we're here," said Fowler.

While no one seemed to be in dire need of assistance during the evening hours Wednesday, Fowler said he and his crew will be ready if anyone calls for help.

The leader said that all drivers in need must sign a waiver before the volunteers will physically help them move a vehicle.

Drivers can contact the group on Facebook at this link.

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