Ride-share drivers tough it out on snowy Charlotte roads

(Amanda Foster | WBTV)
(Amanda Foster | WBTV)

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Devone Ruiz was told not to go into work Wednesday so he hit the road for his second job, with a ride-share company.

"Make some other type of money," he said.

He is from New York so the snow and ice coating the pavement was familiar.

"It wasn't any big challenge for me," Ruiz added.

The Uber driver found himself just as busy as ever on the snowy Wednesday.

"Everybody's just going to the store," he said.

Going to the store or heading home from the office. One passenger said he clocked in even though he did not have to and was one of few at the office.

"The lights all turn off if there's not a lot of movement for a while, so if we're not moving, all the lights would go off in the rest of the office," the man said.

As of Wednesday night, both Uber and Lyft were still offering rides to Charlotte travelers. Uber Eats, however, canceled its services for the day. Amazon Prime Now was still delivering.

Ruiz said careful cruising was key for his several Uber commutes.

"Besides getting stuck twice, it's been pretty easy to get on the main roads. It's just the neighborhoods," he said.

Once the sun went down, so did his ride-share app.

"Later on tonight, yes, it's going to be dangerous," he acknowledged Wednesday, around dinnertime.

When asked if he would be driving once the sun went down, Ruiz said, no.

"It can go left real quick and you won't even see it coming, so I rather be safe than sorry," he said.

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