People in Mint Hill, Matthews cope with the snow, ice

People in Mint Hill, Matthews cope with the snow, ice

MATTHEWS, NC (WBTV) - Mint Hill police report more car accidents than usual on Wednesday, the first snow fall of 2018. Police say there were a few cars that slid into ditches because of slick roads.

Matthews Police Department reported a few accidents but officers say the concern for them is Wednesday night.

"Of course we are worried about tonight as night falls - temperatures drop and black ice," Matthews Police Department PIO Tim Aycock said.

Aycock advises people to stay off the road. He says if you have to travel in these conditions, follow this advice. Several inches of snow fell in parts of Matthews and Mint Hill.

"Make sure your car has at least a half tank of gas. We say a full tank if possible. Have some supplies with you in case you are stuck in a ditch," Aycock said.

Mint Hill Police say if driving, reduce your speed and increase your following distance to help you stay safe while on the roads.

During this weather, Amelia Young says she leaves the driving to her husband.

"He's doing pretty good. Normally we would be slipping and sliding, but we got some good tires and good traction. We made sure air was in them and tire pressure was good. We been taking it slow and like I said there's not a lot of traffic so that makes it even better," Neighbor Amelia Young said.

Young and her family were out at the grocery store preparing for round two of the freezing weather. Temperatures are expected to dip in the 20's Wednesday night.

"We went out just getting the necessities, milk, bread, things like that so just in case we can't make it out tomorrow," she said.

Many people say driving in snow and ice covered roads is not for them.

"I don't feel comfortable getting out there in this." Parent Rebecca McMillin said.

The freezing weather is the reason many school districts closed their doors Thursday. Charlotte Mecklenburg School District (CMS) says crews looked at neighborhoods and roads leading to the schools Wednesday to help determine that the best decision was to cancel classes. Some school parking lots were still covered with snow and ice Wednesday evening.

CMS also says all evening events on Thursday are canceled including athletic activities and Community Use of School facilities.

While people cope with this wintry weather, drivers who are used to this kind of weather, are giving other drivers this advice.

"Go slow," Neighbor Paul Walters said.

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