Snow on the ground means a day of coping

Snow on the ground means a day of coping

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Towing chains are an essential part of the job for Corey Ingle.

Ingle showed up at Eastway Wrecker around 8:00 Wednesday morning, and based on the road conditions, the tow truck driver is not sure when the shift will end, and fears what will happens on the highway when visibility changes from light to dark.

"Night time you can't really see what's going on," he said. "You hit ice and really not know that's what you're doing."

Servicing this dedicated fleet is an ongoing operation for the North Carolina Department of Transportation.

Trucks that are now loaded with salt and sand move out from two yards in Mecklenburg County.

Jon Hinson is overseeing the operation.

"With temperatures reaching down to the teens, it's definitely hard to work. You do what you can far as treating, and encourage people to stay inside where it's safe," he said.

Refuge is perhaps found in the checkout line, and contrary to popular belief staples can still be found.

Shelves at one store have been restocked, While there's a constant run on bread and milk, workers at the Sav Way supermarket say planning ahead helps customers weather the storm.

Marcos Tinajero has been there to help the customers.

"Say we have a major weather thing about to happen, We order extra or stock before the customers come in."

Without question, it's been an unusually busy time for first responders, and on a day like this a series of chain reactions.

First, the sirens and then the call to Cody Ingle. His advice on this night.

"The best thing to do is just stay home," Ingle said.