York Co. deputies, officer receive outpour of support after shooting

YORK COUNTY, SC (WBTV) - Four York County deputies and a police officer who were sent to save a victim, ended up becoming victims after investigators say 47-year-old Christian McCall shot at them.

The officers were answering a call about a domestic violence situation late Monday night just outside the city of York.

The officers include Det. Mike Doty, Sgt. Randy Clinton, Sgt. Buddy Brown and police Sgt. Kyle Cummings.

"Police officers have the best intentions for everybody. We want to make situations safe, we want to remedy the situation the best we can and the safest way possible," says Mark Michalec, president of the local chapter for Fraternal Order of Police.

All officers have gone through or are in the process of undergoing surgery. York county deputies were in and out of CMC visiting their brothers in the hospital.

Michalec, says the Fraternal Order of Police will be there to support the officers and their families with medical expenses or just a listening ear.

"Some officers may feel more comfortable or safer talking to other officer, so we're obviously there to help them on that end," adds Michalec.

An out pour of well wishes for the four wounded officers was also visibly present on social media. Michalec says the support of police is always appreciated, but it shouldn't have to take an attack on officers to get it.

"Unfortunately we don't get the attention we think we deserve until some kind of tragedy like this does happen."

Check back with WBTV for an update on the officers' conditions.

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