First responders killed by spouses or wounded by suspects in domestic incidents

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - By no means is domestic violence predictable in terms of exactly when it will happen, but within the last couple of weeks the greater Charlotte area has seen a spate of domestic-related homicides.

"It's alarming to have so many happen in just a short span of time," said Karen Parker of Safe Alliance. "And we worry a lot too about other victims who are out there and seeing this and being afraid and hoping they're going to reach out for help."

During the last week in Charlotte alone, four people were killed by close intimate partners or family members.

Parker, who is President & CEO of Safe Alliance said, "We don't know why so many are occurring at the same time. We know that domestic violence is happening all the time but we don't usually see so many instances escalate the way they have over the past week."

Monday afternoon, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police were called to the house where two Mecklenburg County Sheriff deputies live. It turned out to be a fatal domestic shooting.

Last Thursday investigators say a man killed his child's mother.. then hours later went to the parking lot of CMPD's law enforcement center and started an ambush shooting that wounded an officer.

Mecklenburg EMS lost a medic after she was killed in Concord allegedly by her husband.

"We always say domestic violence can happen to anyone and any community and people don't always believe that but I think you see what's happened over the last week and it's proof that it really can happen to anyone," Parker told WBTV.

Law enforcement experts say a domestic call is one of the most dangerous calls police face.

"It's been known for many, many years that domestic violence calls can be some of the most dangerous calls out there for law enforcement officers to have to respond to," said WBTV Security Analyst Karl de la Guerra. "The dynamic of the subject that is involved. You're not sure where they stand psychologically."

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