Winter weather preps for frustration and fun underway in Statesville

STATESVILLE, NC (WBTV) - Whether you love or loathe winter weather, someone in Iredell County is working to meet your particular need.

At Fort Dobbs Hardware in Statesville, the sleds, ice melt, heaters, and gloves are all out, and they've been busy, but not with the kind of rush they may usually see with such a forecast.

"It's been cold for the past two weeks so people are already in that frame of mind, but it's not going away, it's not just an overnighter," said Abby Patterson.

But one overnight issue could be changing conditions on the roads.  With two interstates and several highways, Iredell County gets a lot of attention from the state DOT as crews prepare more than 1600 miles.

"We've sprayed approximately 55,000 gallons of brine on our bare pavement routes, secondaries," said Matthew Evans of the NC DOT.

Salt that came from Detroit is stored in a huge salt dome.  It is mixed into a brine solution and spread on the roads.  It can melt the first snow that falls, but it also prevents a bond from forming between the snow and the pavement, making it easier for the scrapers to remove the snow.

"It will take the snow and peel it straight from the pavement," Evans added.

Back at Fort Dobbs Hardware, of all the snow and cold weather items they sell, which one is the most important for customers to have?  Abby Patterson gave a very compassionate answer.

"Heat," Patterson said. "You know there are a lot of old folks and a lot of people who don't have adequate heat.  We need to check on our neighbors and the elderly and make sure they have the heat that they need."

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