Preps underway in NC foothills for possible snow

NEWTON, NC (WBTV) - The Martin Luther King Jr holiday did not mean a day off for some Department of Transportation (DOT) workers across the North Carolina foothills.

The threat of winter precipitation made Monday just another workday for them.

At the highway yard on Prison Camp Road in Newton, a team was mixing brine to be spread on the roadways. Two trucks made the rounds on the major roads, spreading the brine to keep whatever falls from freezing to the road surface.

"It's just a precaution in case something does happen," said Highway Maintenance yard Supervisor Jamie Fox.

The brine, Fox said, would buy crews some time to bring salt and sand out to any slick spots that develop on the highways.

State officials said each county would decide if and when to start spreading brine. Many counties, such as Caldwell County, will start the process Tuesday morning.

Forecasts so far do not predict a large amount of snow, but officials do not want to take chances.

"It's all about safety for the traveling public," said Fox.

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